Save The Marriage ebook Review

If emotional blackmail, game playing and manipulation define a marriage, one might think that it’s beyond saving. However, the revolutionary book “Save The Marriage” has helped seemingly hopeless couples pull their relationship out of certain doom.

“Save The Marriage” was created by long-time relationship expert Lee Baucom a specialist who has been in the practice of saving marriages for more than twenty years now. He wrote the book as a response to the number of other marriage-saving manual that don’t really offer effective advice to couples distress.

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As it is, “Save The Marriage” is a breath of fresh air with its practical and well-grounded approach to therapy which has been proven to cut through the toughest marital issues. The book was the painstaking result of several years of research which the author has toiled to put together before releasing “Save The Marriage”. Through his diligent work, Dr. Bacuom’s book has set a new standard in marital therapy.

One of the noteable aspects of the book is that it doesn’t use a cold, clinical tone when discussing marriage problems. The author is well aware that the readers are everyday people and so he addresses them in a casual but straightforward manner that does away with unnecessary academic jargon.

“Save The Marriage” deals with the key issues in a relationship which gives people a better perspective on what exactly causes the destructive cycle that couples find themselves trapped in.

For instance, it talks about the process that triggers power struggles within a marriage. By clearly explaining how and why these things happen, the readers will gain a better of understanding of their own problems and what to do about it.

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More importantly, “Save The Marriage” has a section dedicated to the warning signs which you shouldn’t ignore in your relationship. Like any sickness, you need to be aware of the symptoms so you can administer the “cure” before it’s too late.

Not only has the book put together a helpful list of red flags to watch out for, it will also teach you how to deal with them if they happen to present in your marriage. Anyone who’s been in a relationship before is aware of how jarring it can be to realize that your partner has a widely different outlook from yours. Thus, “Save The Marriage” explores this reality and teaches readers how to transcend your differences and “agree to disagree”.

In general, this book is a blessing to couples all over the world because it’s built around the desire to create a greater level of emotional maturity within a marriage. Making a lifelong commitment to someone is a serious matter as you need to invest a large part of yourself in a relationship to make it work.

It’s no wonder that strong, fiery emotions can run high in a marriage when things go awry. As such, “Save My Marriage” is a worthwhile read because it has shown so many people how to master their feelings and process them in a healthy and constructive way. Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for decades, “Save My Marriage” is one the most effective tools in keeping your relationship fit for years to come.

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