Warning: If your spouse has dropped the “divorce" bombshell and does not wish to work on saving your marriage, then this might be the most important letter you'll EVER read...
Is Your Spouse Lying To You About The Reasons They Want A Divorce?
Our Advice Can Help You Discover The Truth, Identify Lies And Alleviate Pain. Arm Yourself With Tools To Help Prevent Divorce, And Assist In Rebuilding A More Stronger, Intimate Marriage!

From: Amy Waterman
January 27, 2020

Dear Friend,

I'm not going to lie about your marriage and tell you everything is going to be okay.

The bottom is dropping out of your world right now. Your marriage, everything you love and treasure, everything you have worked your life for, everything that's familiar to you... it's all on a knife-edge.

You can't eat... you can't sleep... you can't think straight...

Your health is in freefall due to the enormous stress you are under. Your whole life and future happiness, something that at one time seemed so certain, now hangs precariously in the balance, waiting for you to make the next move.

Is your marriage about to jump off a cliff... is it going to take you with it?

I have THREE things to share with you that can help disarm the threat of divorce and work on rebuilding and saving your marriage. Listen carefully and do them without hesitation if you want to help save your marriage.


STOP what you are doing right now. The methods and well-meaning ideas you have used up until now more than likely have not worked. That's why you are here and your marriage is teetering even closer towards divorce. What you have done may be pushing your spouse even further away, even into the arms of another person. It's time to rethink and relearn everything you ever thought about how to save your marriage.


Break the lies, the resentment, the doubt, and the negative spiral of arguments that has shifted you and your spouse from being happily married to the possibility of divorce. No matter how complicated or unique your marriage issues are, our advice can help to stop the arguing and negativity, shift the focus back on YOU AND YOUR MARRIAGE, and open your eyes to the possibility of love that still simmers beneath.


Turn your spouse around and make them LOVE you, CHERISH you, and DESIRE you again, so that your marriage can have more of a chance at being stronger and help to prevent breakup and divorce.

It might sound impossible right now to visualize a more renewed, loving marriage... but if you read through this page and do what it says, you can help change your marriage, shift communication with your spouse from awkward and angry to something more nurturing and positive, help create a more loving spouse and supportive marriage that you deserve.

That mind-numbing, consuming worry can get help, apply my life-changing skills and key psychological secrets to your marriage, to assist with feelings of loss and loneliness.

I am going to reveal to you my life-changing methods to help save your marriage, but first I have a very important truth to share with you before carrying on...

It’s Possible That Your Spouse Maybe Lying To You About The Real Reasons They Want A Divorce

Chances are they don't want to tell you what their real reasons are... for fear of hurting you, for fear of making them look bad, or they might not even fully know or understand the real reasons themselves.

To assist you in discovering the truth and cut through the lies and help to save your marriage, there are several things you should learn and apply to help make that happen.

"I love you but I'm not in love with you anymore..."
"We've grown apart."
"You've changed."
"You're not exciting or fun anymore."
"I've met someone else and I think I love them..."
"I hate you!"
"I'm sick of your nagging!"
"I don't want to be married anymore and there's nothing you can say that will make me change my mind."

Any of these sound familiar?

When your marriage is teetering on a cliff edge it can feel like you are the only one in the world this is happening to, and feel completely devastated at hearing one of those reasons, but let me tell you that you are not the only one who has heard them and none of these have to spell the end of your marriage if you don't want it to.

It's about digging deeper, and exposing the real reasons your marriage is in trouble, tackling the core of your crisis rather than going over the same old ground and having the same old arguments again and again... learning nothing and getting no further ahead!

The difference between a marriage that ends in divorce and one that fights back and survives is using and developing the right techniques and strategies that your marriage needs... at the optimum right time. It's about understanding and reconnecting with your core self and the crucial role you play in saving your marriage, even if you are the only one that wants to save it, the values you want to bring to your marriage, what to say, how to say it, and when, and developing this into a formula to assist your relationship.

My Save My Marriage Today system helps to strip back the relationship barriers and teaches you fundamental values, communication, and relationship skills that can help bring your marriage back from the brink of divorce, it can help develop a more solid foundation from which to build a renewed marriage.

I've seen damaged marriages that appeared to be beyond repair turned around and saved, becoming stable, intimate, loving unions, with a stronger relationship.* Heaps of people have bounced back from a huge range of nightmare issues, such as:

lingering and poisonous unresolved conflicts

extra-marital affairs

emotional detachment and a lack of physical intimacy

excessive fighting and negative thinking

ineffective communication or long bouts of stony silence

busy schedules overtaking quality couples time

a suspicious, untrusting, or suffocating partner

children and family issues

trial separations

and many more complex and difficult situations

I've helped numerous couples, who have happily provided a testimonial on this website, disarm and stop divorces from happening to them, and we can help get the same results for YOU and YOUR MARRIAGE*...

Keep reading and I'll tell you how you can help to resolve your marriage problems and gain a more intimate and supportive relationship!*

But first, let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I know what I'm talking about.

Why Should You Listen To Amy Waterman?

I'm a professional writer specializing in attraction and dating, but most specifically marriage counseling and relationship guidance. I have extensive experience in helping people re-establish love with my unique insightful and powerful secrets into attracting love and making relationships work.

It's my life's passion. Over the years I have helped men and women fix their marriages and unhappy relationships and also bring back the love and communication to couples that are suffering.

I am the author and host of:

  • Save My Marriage Today

I have also co-authored and hosted a number of other leading online courses such as:

  • How to Be Irresistible to Men
  • Make Every Man Want You More
  • Seduction Genie
  • 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex
  • Conversation Chemistry
  • Supreme Self Confidence
  • Real Women, Real Love

Here's a sample of what others say about me:

"Amy Waterman is one of those rare, priceless women in the world of dating and relationship advice who respects women and men equally and therefore sets herself apart as a respected voice to both genders. Her work consistently portrays the warmth and compassion of a woman who is truly doing what she was born to do. And given the thousands of people worldwide who her work has been so meaningful to--ourselves included--that earns her our highest recommendation. We're proud to work with Amy any chance we can get, and can't wait to do so again soon." Scot and Emily McKay, San Antonio, TX – DeserveWhatYouWant.com*
"Having the pleasure of knowing Amy personally, we can vouch that she is extremely thorough and passionate about the work that she does. She leaves no stone unturned in making sure that her readers get the results that they expect and more. We've never met someone so dedicated to the long term success of others and who takes such great pride in her work. We can all learn a lot from Amy's advice and attitude to life and love." Mark and Steph Ling*

Why Do I Care About Helping You So Much?

You might think that nobody on earth can know what it's like to be you right now... But trust me, I do.

My best friend Jane thought her entire world had ended when her husband came home one night and asked for a divorce, telling her that it was over and nothing could make him change his mind.

She stared in shock, she cried, she asked for an explanation, but no answer she got really made sense.

Apparently her husband Adam had been unhappy for a while. Doing long hours at work, always coming home tired, he was sick of the monotony of his life and felt constrained by the expectations of his wife and family.

Jane was devastated. She had been married 14 years, had raised two children, and thought things were okay. Sure, things had been difficult in the early years with two small children, limited income, and a mortgage to pay, but they had got through it. Jane had got a part-time job in the last few years which helped with the bills, the children were getting less and less dependent, and Jane was looking forward to the next few years and what it would bring.

There were the occasional arguments over how much time Adam spent at work and how much he helped around the house. Jane was always tired with the kids and cleaning up after them every night, but she thought all couples had moments like this and she never gave it much more thought. They didn't have much time for each other but that was often the case with being a parent. 

But nothing prepared her for the bombshell Adam dropped on her.

That conversation turned her whole world upside down. Everything was a blur after that.

Teary... foggy... and numb.

The next few days were hell. Every waking moment was consumed with sickening fear of what was going to happen next. She had never felt this low, never felt so REJECTED, UNLOVED, and ALONE.

Was she going to lose the house? 

Where would she live? 

How would she have enough money to support herself? 

How would she tell her elderly parents? She knew it would just about destroy them. 

How would she tell the children? 

How would she endure the humiliation, the stares and the gossip from the other parents at school, her friends?

It would be a lie to say Jane didn't contemplate suicide in those first few weeks. She couldn't sleep, she couldn't eat, when she did try to eat she wanted to be sick. Her skin was terrible, her complexion drawn. She was a real mess. Her heart was broken and she felt utterly defeated.

She wanted it to end.

She reached out to me amid a teary phone call, telling me she didn't have the strength to carry on with this. I took her under my wing and started from the beginning, sharing with her and teaching her everything I knew about how to save a marriage.

Slowly but surely, Jane got better. She got stronger. She got some of her old spark back. She started to think clearly and avoided her first instinct to beg, blame, or be a victim. Using my guidance and advice, she learned all the essential steps on how to save her marriage. She could have turned away and let this defeat her... but she didn't.

Jane didn't want to give up and be another divorce statistic, no matter how hopeless it seemed at the beginning. She owed herself and her children better.

She applied the steps and strategies I gave her and started to win back her husband by doing things that at first seemed counter-intuitive. Step by step, day by day, there was a small breakthrough. She learned so much about herself and the tangible things she could do in those first few weeks, even when her husband was unresponsive. It was a total flip in the way she would have approached it, but it worked.

Slowly but surely Jane started using my techniques to let go of the anger and frustration and started communicating in a way she never had before. Bit by bit, the barriers were broken down and they started to talk, really talk, and the floodgates opened. No more fear, no more lies, no more unspoken expectations. Unbeknown to both of them, they were able to find a way forward and reconnect, and their marriage is now better than ever before!

Jane and her husband showed up at a party of mine recently and I couldn't believe the difference... in just a few months from that devastating conversation, here they were totally loved up, hand in hand, laughing and smiling at each other, staring at each other with renewed energy and love... like a honeymoon couple!

To look at them you would never believe they had been at the gates of hell only a few short months ago... but the results speak for themselves!

Encouraged by their success I started writing down some of what I knew, refining it, researching and testing it, and developing it into a formula that would help more couples avoid divorce. It was this formula that formed the foundation of "Save My Marriage Today."

I've helped countless couples save their marriage, check out the reviews on this page. This advice can help build a better future together, help re-ignite love and developing skills to prevent the relationship crisis mode.

I know it sounds CRAZY... but I know I can help make the same result happen for you... all that remains is for you to want your marriage back as bad as I want to help you achieve it!

It's time you committed to making sure that your marriage is next!

Here's What My System Can Help Teach You:

Discover one of the most destructive things you could be doing to your marriage right now that is reducing your chances of saving it. Learn the key tips to help make your spouse turn towards you instead of turning away.

There are two emotions that you are probably holding onto that may be pushing your spouse away, even into the arms of another. Find out what those emotions are and how to keep them under check!

How to positively and lovingly help get your spouse to challenge their beliefs and attitude about what they think is wrong with your marriage. (I've seen this method help dozens of spouses reconsider their decision)

Find out how to help get your spouse more interested in you! How nice would it feel to have your spouse's attention and affection.

Straying spouse? Apply my 4 step formula to help prevent cheating and rebuild a stronger relationship

powerful psychological tweak that can help reduce negative thoughts and feelings, and help you view your spouse with trust, love, and happiness when you see them.

The clever internal mind trick that can help free you from distraction and supercharge your marriage saving power. Help yourself to have more of a chance at saving your marriage.

Outside-the-square tactics to help detect lies and smokescreens and pinpointing what the real issues are in your marriage. Quite often the REAL issues run deeper, and this pinpoint realization may be exactly what you need to help get yourself and your marriage back on track.

Do you ever feel like the only way to resolve a conflict is by slamming the door and walking away? Or by punishing your partner? It doesn't have to be this way. Find out alternative strategies to help resolve your marriage conflicts in a more constructive and possibly less emotionally stressful way.

Discover why arguing is great for your marriage! I give you an in-depth look into what is actually going on in an argument... and how to understand what your partner is really doing when they are behaving irrationally and selfishly.

Discover why arguing could be great for your marriage! I give you an in-depth look into what is actually going on in an argument... and how to understand what your partner is really doing when they are behaving irrationally and selfishly.

An important step-by-step exercise to help identify what your individual needs are as a person as well as fundamental needs of a relationship. I also show you how you can fulfill those needs while being a great spouse. I show you how... even if your partner is seemingly in the way.

When your partner withdraws, do you feel like a victim, possibly cold and lonely? Discover the essential steps to self-sustain, and how to keep your mood elevated. I show you how to be your best, most positive self at a time when you need it most.

How to get out of the vicious cycle of reacting to problems, conflicts and situations, and move towards acting proactively. Learn and apply as I guide you through these steps.

Discover information about trial separations and what they can do for your marriage. Read this before you implement this strategy.

Even when you and your spouse do not live together, there are many actions you can undertake that can make a positive difference. Uncover the tangible things you can do while you are away from your spouse that can assist your chances of getting back together.

The secrets of a loving and fulfilling relationship: what you can do to help keep BOTH OF YOU on track.

Learn how to respond to criticisms and attacks from your partner. I'll show you how to interpret these criticisms and react positively that can help to diffuse the situation before it can get out of control.

What to do when yours or your spouse's career has put a large strain on your marriage. This can be an incredibly important issue, so I've devoted an entire chapter to resolving it, including practical exercises to help restore your relationship to a positive balance!

Discover the unique set of challenges and stress on your marriage that can result from the birth of a first child. You'll learn how to navigate the potential challenges of this period and how to help get the love back into your relationship and your new family.

Once you learn and apply the lessons you've learned from my course, you can help turn your relationship around and assist you to make gains in your marriage rescue!

Look, I don't buy into this well-meaning hand-holding stuff where your therapist holds your hand and tells you it's going to be alright but is still drudging through the details some 20 sessions and several months later... I have no interest in stretching this out and potentially costing you more money.

You need ANSWERS AND ADVICE that can help deliver FAST RESULTS.

You may not have time to wait for your spouse to possibly change their mind. It’s up to you to START TAKING ACTION.

I don't want to see you still working on saving your marriage in a year from now. By that time it could too late. I don't want to see you potentially living in pain and agony any longer than you could with my help. I'm not going to sit and watch you live your life with the threat of divorce hanging over you for potentially months.

I'm going to help save you. And best of all, it could happen FAST.

My marriage-saving system is going to help arm you with techniques and methods that have saved marriages before you, and give you a possible better chance of making positive changes fast. Best of all, you'll learn techniques that can help you identify lies and misunderstandings of many marital conflicts and learn some practical steps to help minimize problems.

Your marriage will get advice that can help prevent pain and risk of breakup or divorce!

Check out some of our SUCCESS stories from everyday people just like you…

Rhonda K. (Cottageville, SC).

"I needed clarity and hope and "Save My Marriage Today" gave me that."

My husband had an affair that lasted several months (and that wasn’t his first). I came to the Save My Marriage website by searching for help on the Internet. I was looking for answers and really needed the anonymity that this web site offered. My marriage was in danger because of my husband’s affair and I couldn’t discuss it with family and friends. I was hurt and ashamed even though I wasn't the cheater!

Other websites asked for huge fees for individual counseling. That was something I could get in my own community. I needed something that was more readily available, that could answer my questions, and give me a place to start. That’s when I found “Save My Marriage Today.”

The biggest benefit I have gained from “Save My Marriage Today” was perspective. There were so many lessons about how to look at what was happening in my life from a different angle. I needed clarity and hope and “Save My Marriage Today” gave me that. They used practical tips and things that I could really work on to be proactive in salvaging my relationship with my husband.

Even though a lot of the stories and lessons were focused on me, I felt empowered that I had some control back in my life. I learned that there were things I could evaluate, change and improve in terms of my outlook on life and relationships and my understanding of my marriage. The true examples from real people gave me insight that you can really survive an affair! 

This web site is different from many others in that the focus of the “advice” and help really reflects the name ---- “Save My Marriage Today.” Other web sites may not have that as a goal, but the salvation of my marriage was definitely what I was looking for. *

Fred and Maureen B. (Putnam Valley, NY).

"We will celebrate our 27th anniversary this year!"

"Save My Marriage was very instrumental in helping my husband and myself understand each other by learning to communicate love words, to respect each others space, and to speak up when annoyed and not harbor anger. We were on the verge of divorce, thinking there was no way to repair the damage. Save My Marriage was a God send and we thank you so very much. After years of misgivings we are happy that we joined Save My Marriage and we worked it out and stayed together. We will celebrate our 27th anniversary this year!" *

Yes Amy, I've Seen Enough! I Want My Copy Of  Save My Marriage Today Immediately!

Instant Access $49.95!
You want to see even more of what's inside?

Even More Skills You Can Get From Save My Marriage Today...

Did you know that "working harder" on your relationship isn't always the answer? Learn how to "work smarter" and change the momentum of your relationship!

Uncover the game plan to possibly help re-introduce passion into your marriage. You can learn how to re-ignite the intimacy in your relationship - no matter how long you have been married! You'll also learn techniques for re approaching sex and intimacy after an affair.

Discover what details can help you after an affair. Understand how a widely used therapeutic technique can assist with delivering fast results for your marriage... which can help with pain and heartache associated with an affair!

Does your marriage require a marriage counselor? Apply my checklist to help you get the RIGHT ONE FOR YOU, and information on how to use them possibly more effectively!

Learn essential ingredients involved in a successful marriage and how you can keep yours that way. This is stuff your priest and your parents possibly never taught you!

Find out what the top 7 mistakes people make when a marriage crisis arises that can lessen the chance of saving it, and what YOU COULD be doing instead!

Learn how to assess what stage of a crisis you are in (there are 5 stages)... And how to address these stages and possibly turn your situation around!

Got problems involving sex or money? Discover techniques for dealing with these so that these possibly recurring arguments can be a thing of the past.

Advices on how to become a team in your relationship... even if you currently feel like you are battling on opposite sides! Get assistance on how to get you and your spouse going in the same direction!

Over 30 exercises that can help get your marriage back on track! Do them yourself OR with your partner. They're uncomplicated, quick to do, and ... most importantly ... can help you to save your marriage!

Have you heard all the myths about in-law relationships? Don't believe everything you see on tv. Understand why a good relationship with your in-laws can be important to your marriage.

Need your own space? Discover how this can be a positive and energizing thing for your relationship and ideas that can help to do it without offending your partner.

"But I'm Scared Of Failing. Will These Secrets Really Work For My Situation?"

These secrets have helped assist couples around the world and I’m confident you can get something out of it too.

So what's the catch? You have to actually do it! Most people who fail, do so because they never take action because they fear it’s already too late or worry what their partner and others may think.

It’s also possible that they don't have the patience and passion to save their marriage, or they simply don't have the patience to relearn new life skills that will make a difference in not only their marriage but their future too! They potentially give up and divorce like many other couples, rather than take on their marriage problems and utilize my system.

Other people could fail because they have tried before and it worked for a while... but now they are back in that dark place, on the edge of the abyss with divorce drawing them down...

Taking action is scary, because it requires you to acknowledge that something could be wrong and you possibly don't have the answers to fix this one.

Let’s be honest... Do you want to smooth it over with a bit of sticking tape, hoping the patch will hold, or do you really want to dig deep and help fix it, understanding what it feels like to have been standing at the edge of the cliff and survive?

“Taking action” and “acknowledging a problem” isn’t as scary as you might think if you already have a system that has helped couples!

It's time to relearn how to live your life and help your marriage. You are never too old or too tired to give your marriage a better chance at a new life!

Don’t just stand there and do nothing. You have ENORMOUS POWER to make decisive, positive changes to your life and marriage – waffling and wasting time only diminishes that power. The longer you leave it, the more likely your spouse could move on and possibly find someone else.

Help make your spouse find YOU again! Take the time to relearn what it takes to help save your marriage!

My heart has healed and I am back to my old self... we are so much happier now, god bless!
--Pauline Thomas, (Charleston, SC)*
...You really opened my eyes to what has been happening... my relationship is now back on the right track!
--Sarah Deans, (Goodland,KS)*

So How Do I Do It?

The secret (and the difference between yourself and others who try and fail) is that you're going to start by doing ONLY ONE OR TWO THINGS.. AND DOING THEM REALLY WELL.

It's easy for people to become overwhelmed when they think about how they are going to save their marriage... where do they start, what do they do first, and most people try to do too much all at once.

And they FAIL.

But that's not going to happen to you because we approach your marriage differently.

A very wise friend told me once a story about how to eat an elephant. Do you know how you eat an elephant?

One mouthful at a time.

And that's exactly where we're going to start as you work through my step-by-step instructions, hands-on exercises that you can do at the end of each chapter (and no, you don't have to have your partner do them with you, you can do them yourself!), learn and apply my sound psychological tips as you increase your personal awareness and work on your own personal development, channel the many emotions you have as you walk the journey towards marital reconciliation, heal the emotional gulf caused by years of neglect, misunderstanding, bad memories, and failed expectations...

... and reprogram your marriage and your own life so that the two of you will not only reconnect... but forge an entirely NEW relationship that leaves behind the mistakes and frustrations of your past! This new relationship will be intoxicating, and you and your spouse will CRAVE each other's company and affection and the new found bond you have as you create new dreams and live them together!

But you aren't going to rush to do it all at once.

That's a mistake you might have made in your past, rushing to get it all right and smoothing over the cracks. Chances are this isn't the first time you have been at crisis point, which is why I'm going to teach you NEW skills this time, to make sure it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

You are going to learn each new skill as you ready to learn it... not before. And as you learn and apply each new skill, it's going to rewrite your life and your marriage. You're going to be so excited!

You are going to reconnect on a much higher level, both verbally, physically, and emotionally, every day reaffirming to each other that you are their dream spouse and are part of their exciting future, wherever that may be...

Welcome to your dream life and marriage. Let me give you the key.

Here's What You've Been Waiting For...

Thanks Amy! I Want Help Disarming The Threat Of Divorce And Learn Life-Changing Skills with Save My Marriage Today!

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Here's A Few Words From Even More Of My Save My Marriage Today Success Stories. Are You Going To Be Next?

"Before I came across your book my marriage was in serious danger of heading towards divorce. Now we are in a better place than we ever were before. Thank you so much!"
-- Paul Arnold, Seattle*
"I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning and the reason is we've tried 2 different marriage counselors already and I've already read numerous other books on the subject. There wasn't anything I could seem to do. However after using your book and following the exercises you set out, I have been seeing significant results with our marriage situation. And I'm a whole lot happier in my self. My friends and family are very glad to see that I'm back to my old self again! Fingers crossed it all continues."

-- Ianessa Gorerro, Huntington Beach*
"It's great buying from someone who actually cares. Thank you for the extra help, everything seems to be going great now... You've made a 63 year old lady pretty happy!"

--Margaret Peterson, Buffalo, USA*
"...I feel very lucky and blessed that we were able to turn our marriage around like this. My husband used to spend as much time as he could away from home. Now we are so in love and its funny now he had to go away for the week we have been talking on the phone every day. We can't wait to see each other again!"

-- Renee Walsh, Portland*

Access This Course From The Comfort Of Your Own Home... In Under 5 Minutes!

Look, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get my course and get assistance with saving your marriage right now, which is why my course is available via instant download!

You can be reading my Save Marriage course from the comfort of your own home and start learning how to you can disarm divorce and creating a happy, intimate, and strong marriage in under 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before, it's so easy to do that you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner.

Plus, because I'm offering it to you via the internet, you reap the benefits of:

Zero shipping costs.
No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery. You can get started right now!
The privacy of being able to do this from home in your own time. No need for appointments or embarrassment!
No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged.
You receive the book at a lower price because it costs us less to produce.

It's Time To Make Positive Steps Towards A Better Marriage

Many of you could learn how to save your marriages through trial and error, and eventually may reach success, but a lot more of you will become additional casualties in our growing divorce statistics.

Don't risk the possibility of being divorced, broke, lonely, watching your spouse with another person, and wishing that you had taken your marriage seriously while you had the chance.

If you could do anything to avoid this, you would grab it with both hands wouldn't you?

I'm throwing you a lifeline here, but you may be running out of time before your spouse walks out of your life forever so you have to ACT NOW.

What's it gonna be?

Picture this: It's a year from today (or a lot sooner), and your marriage is so solid and strong that all your friends are remarking how happy you and your partner seem to be. You've recovered from the stress you went through last year due to your marriage issues, and you are in a much happier place. You laugh together, hug and hold each other, tell each other how much you love one another, and you feel so lucky to have been given a second chance to get things right. Even better, you know that it would take wild horses to tear you and your spouse apart now.

Now, stop and look back on today. Considering that you've resolved this major crisis in your life and learnt so much about successful marriages, and know that you are less likely to be in that situation again, what price tag would've made it a good investment?

I've had people tell me they would happily pay $1000 or more to achieve these kind of life-changing results, and many have offered me more than that for one-on-one consulting.

However I'm not even going to charge you anywhere close to that price AND if you join TODAY, you will receive a free email-based consultation with your order! (This takes a lot of time for my team and I, so we can't guarantee this bonus will be available for very long)

Save My Marriage Today PLUS ALL the bonuses, is available to you TODAY for...

Just one payment of $49.95!

I know people think I'm crazy, but I want to make this course as accessible as possible to help more of you avoid the unnecessary pain of divorce. I want you to be as happy as my friend Jane and the other couples who have achieved success with Save My Marriage Today!

Click Here to Save My Marriage Today!
But if that's not enough to get you to click that button and commit to helping your marriage, check out what else I've thrown in to help you...

Personal Email Consultation

(I normally charge $120 per consultation)

I am providing this bonus for a short time only to ensure that your marital problem gets attended to first hand by my specially-trained staff of relationship experts. Email the Save My Marriage Today! team and get real advice for your specific situation. The frank perspective and objective insight from our consultations have made an enormous difference in our members' lives: will you be next?

Stress: The Silent Killer - A Comprehensive Guide To Wellness and Inner Peace

Stress can make everything in our lives more difficult. It can escalate an irritation into a full-blown fight and cause us to do or say things we don't mean. Worst of all, it can often feel like there's no escape from stress. We can't wave a wand and make all the stressful things in our lives disappear.
Is stress not helping you and your marriage? You owe it to your partner and yourself to help get your stress under control and regain your emotional wellness and inner peace. A healthy marriage starts with a healthy emotional state.

This eBook will teach you to understand your stress, discover its causes, understand how stress is affecting your health and relationship, and simple changes you can do to reduce the stress in your life. Discover how techniques like time management, goal setting, meditation, progressive relaxation, alternative therapies, breathing, and more can make stress-related problems a thing of the past.

Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max

This is a simply amazing book that will teach you how to turn your life around by turning around your perspective. You will be moved and inspired to face your challenges from a healthier, more proactive, self-actualizing frame of mind.

When you're facing challenges within your marriage, your best resources come from one place: inside yourself. Having faith in the possibility that your marriage can change and regain the love and promise that you once believed in, is crucial. This book can help to restore your hope and belief again.

Best of all, as you discover new resources for happiness, creativity, and love within yourself, you'll find that your marriage becomes a source of delight and endless surprises rather than disappointment and endless conflicts.

How to be Happy!

We owe it to our partners to be happy. Emotions are contagious: if you are depressed, stressed, or anxious much of the time, your partner will become irritable as well. On the other hand, it's almost impossible to be gloomy around someone who's filled with joy.

When you rediscover that happy self that your partner originally fell in love with, you may very well find that your partner rediscovers their old feelings of love that led them to want to join with you in marriage in the first place.

Discover the secrets to happiness in this easy-to-read ebook. You'll discover where to begin your quest for happiness, what characteristics support happiness and what characteristics make it difficult to be happy, how to create a self-development plan to achieve the level of happiness you desire, how to target the causes of unhappiness and reframe them, and how to be happy in an imperfect world.

How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

Recent studies have revealed a staggering 75% of all relationships will experience infidelity. That's an extremely alarming statistic, making infidelity one of the biggest contributors to relationship and marriage breakdown.

Although there is no "step-by-step" guide to guarantee this doesn't happen to you, this ebook includes some highly valuable insights into how infidelity works, how these situations develop, and what you can do to help avoid infidelity ruining your marriage.

You'll learn the most common reasons and differences between why men cheat and why women cheat, and how to proof your marriage from your partner cheating, and how to avoid temptation yourself.

6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce & How to Stop Them Happening to You

This is an ebook compilation of all the lessons from the Save My Marriage Today introductory mini-course.

With these specific lessons – condensed into a handy A-Z guide to marriage happiness and success – you can avoid a possible long, exhausting, brutal path of “trial and error”. Why learn the hard way when you could circumvent all that potential pain and suffering and start working on creating a potentially happier marriage NOW.

Now I don't want you to feel as though you are taking any risk here. I mean, we all buy products on the internet, not knowing how good they are until you get them open, and I don't want you to be disappointed.

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I Will Take All The Risk With A 60 Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

That's right! Take 60 days to use and examine my crucial information, and techniques in "Save My Marriage Today." That's more than 8 weeks to put these valuable strategies to work on your marriage.

Try the techniques yourself… Try as many of the tips as you can. Once you have used these strategies on your marriage, I'm confident that you'll NEVER want to send it back!

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*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person
"The biggest benefit I have gained from “Save My Marriage Today” was perspective. There were so many lessons about how to look at what was happening in my life from a different angle. I needed clarity and hope and “Save My Marriage Today” gave me that. They used practical tips and things that I could really work on to be proactive in salvaging my relationship with my husband. The true examples from real people gave me insight that you can really survive an affair! This web site is different from many others in that the focus of the “advice” and help really reflects the name ---- “Save My Marriage Today.” Other web sites may not have that as a goal, but the salvation of my marriage was definitely what I was looking for."

-- Rhonda K. (Cottageville, SC)*
"Save My Marriage was very instrumental in helping my husband and myself understand each other by learning to communicate love words, to respect each others space, and to speak up when annoyed and not harbor anger. We were on the verge of divorce, thinking there was no way to repair the damage. Save My Marriage was a God send and we thank you so very much. After years of misgivings we are happy that we joined Save My Marriage and we worked it out and stayed together. We will celebrate our 27th anniversary this year!"

-- Fred and Maureen B.
(Putnam Valley, NY) *
"Since I began reading your Save My Marriage Today newsletters I am changed and I have also given him some newsletters to go through. He has also improved. Thanks so much for your advice and help! Our relationship has made some great breakthroughs and we are soon getting married! After reading your articles we are now in love again and we do as much as we can to create quality time for one another."

--Maureen M.
(Kakamega, Kenya)*
"Save My Marriage Today put it together for me, it made sense and got me to slow down, live in the moment and think about what is really important and how I can achieve it. The weekly bonus emails are great too because they remind me to stay focused and cover new topics I might not have thought about or realized. It takes work and it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever been through but with the right tools I know I can do it"

-- Brett P. (Longmount, CO)*
"Im glad I came across your Save My Marriage Today website. The situations and solutions presented are real, practical and simple to implement. Other websites painted a picture that marriage should be absolutely perfect and have no problems but we all know that's impossible to achieve. However your website has shown me that marriage needs work and a change in certain attitudes and behaviors, and after that things are not as complicated as we like to think. Thanks Save My Marriage Today for a wonderful website and for helping me get my marriage back on track!"

-- Elsa K.
(Nelspruit, South Africa) *
"I found the Save My Marriage Today articles to be very helpful and insightful, and there were times that I thought there was a spy in our home as the articles were so personally related.

We have gone from "I should divorce you" to "Maybe I will keep you around for another 30 years." Marriage is hard work and if you have the right tools and are willing to work with them, you can make it last forever. I think my wife and I are soulmates and I think I would be completely lost without her."

-- Robert and Joanne H.
(Powell River, BC, Canada) *
"My marriage is experiencing a tremendous transformation. I, on behalf of my wife am very grateful to "Save My Marriage Today" for practically saving ours. What makes "Save My Marriage Today"different from other sites is that it is very simple and practicable to even a layman's understanding."

-- Inemobong U.
(Akwa Ibom, Nigeria) *
"My relationship with my husband had been going downhill for far too long, and I purchased your book in a desperate bid to fix things. After reading your info I discovered that I had been guilty of a number of the things that you identified as being warning signs of a problem marriage. I've been following your methods for remedying the situation, and I have been staggered by the success. Our marriage is now well on its way to becoming better than it ever was before and I can see us being happily married forever now. My eternal thanks!

-- Mary Evans, (Seattle, WA) *
"I found the biggest benefit from Save My Marriage Today was that you are educators in life, love, and happiness and that someone out there is human and understands the demands of the common family in society today, including struggles with money, intimacy, and your life not just your marriage.

I have spent countless dollars trying to get help and was sadly disappointed in all until now with you.. Save My Marriage Today has been a blessing to our family and we all thank you."

-- Doug M. (Davie, Florida) *
"I've been married to my wife for 15 years now and I was at a total loss as to what was going wrong with our marriage. She just seemed to stop loving me. Thanks to your book, I've totally changed the way I approach the situation, it was not easy, but during the last three months, the turn around in our relationship has been simply amazing! And her friends are a lot more supportive of our marriage too... I am so grateful!"

-- Steven Kitchen, Edmonton, Canada*
Disclaimer: This information is not designed to replace the advice of a registered relationship counselor. While SaveMyMarriageToday endeavors to provide helpful and workable advice for dating and relationships, face-to-face consultations with a registered professional are still recommended. Information contained on this website is provided 'as is,' without warranty of any kind. The entire risk as to the results and the performance of the information is assumed by the user, and in no event shall SaveMyMarriageToday be liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages suffered in the course of using the information on this website. The information and recommendations are intended as an informative guide only and do not guarantee any kind of success or permanent fix. Results may vary.

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