Common Marriage Problems

While there are lots of things you can do to keep married life as manageable as possible, there are area also plenty of habits which can threaten the relationship.

More often than not, common marriage problems come from unconsciously perpetuating certain behaviors which can become habit-forming.

Take money matters for example – it’s no big secret that many couples argue over this specific matter and has even driven some to split up because of this.

People in a marriage have to account for the fact that they came from separate backgrounds and their respective families are likely to have different views on money management.

Just like the other differences between spouses, finances is unfortunately a good breeding ground for lots of arguments.  When you and your partner don’t share the same idea of how money should be earned, handled and spent, it’s easy for marital problems take root.

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And so the only way to avoid the pitfall of money-related misunderstandings is to have a clear vision of how you’ll be managing your collective income as a couple.

The challenge here is that the two individuals in the marriage have to reconcile not only their outlook on financial matters, but their actual incomes as well.  Paying attention to this particular area is one of the most overlooked ways to prevent future problems in marriage.

As such, you’ll need to sit down with your partner and start mapping out which specific areas will require more money than others.  Consequently, it will bring to light exactly how much you’re both making and if this will fit your proposed budget.

By making a solid financial plan that both of you agree upon, you’ll learn to live within your means and save yourselves a lot of headaches in the future.

Complacency is also one of the most common marriage problems out there.  It’s all too frequent for a lot of marriages to deteriorate over time due to a severe lack of maintenance.

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Think of your relationship as a car.  Now, this is a sizable investment which you have to take care of on a regular basis, and not just when an actual problem comes up.

Your ride may be running smoothly today, but without the periodic adjustments you’ll become vulnerable to the daily wear and tear of living together. This in turn creates marital problems like emotional distance and  a lack of enthusiasm in the relationship.

It’s very dangerous to assume that you’ll eventually come to the point where you no longer have to maintain your marriage.  Whether you just got married last week or have been together for decades, the relationship will always need constant care.

If you don’t, you may very well lose sight of why you decided to exchange vows in the first place.  A pro-active approach goes a long way to keep problems in marriage from sneaking up on you.

This is why it’s vital to prevent marital problems by habitually setting aside time to rediscover each other, even in small ways.  Make the effort to schedule little chunks of “we time” so that you and your spouse don’t drift apart.

Couples often don’t realize that problems in marriage takes years in the making – until it’s too late, that is.  Choosing to live with someone for better or worse is a package deal, and with it comes the need to keep the intimacy alive.

The two common marriage problems that we’ve discussed today are just a few of the things you need to watch out for.  However, other marital issues can also be overcome with this same precautionary attitude.

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