How to make your man adore you

If you're a woman...

Do you ever wonder why men do some of the CRAZY, unexplained things they do?
Do you ever feel completely puzzled by your man's behavior?

If it seems like sometimes your husband's behavior or responses to you are
completely weird or irrational, don't feel bad... because you're exactly right.

You see, science teaches us that while some of our desires and drives are conscious,
many of them are not. This is ESPECIALLY true for men.

While most men would NEVER admit this (most don't even know it), some of their
behaviors, drives, and desires are biologically driven.

How Men Are Wired Different...

In other words, in some areas, men don't have a choice. They are simply "wired" a
certain way which is different to women... hence the confusion.

This is why he can seem considerate and thoughtful one moment, and callous and
cold a few seconds later.

This is why sometimes you're caught off-guard by his unexpected harsh words, or
cold behavior. It's why you're sometimes left feeling as if he "pulled the rug out from
under you" and you're left wondering what you did wrong...

But don't worry. None of this is an excuse to let him get away with stupid behavior.
In fact, when used correctly, you can use this understanding and knowledge of mens'
behavior to get what you want from your man.

To Get What You Want from Your Man, Understand This...

Change starts when we recognize the simple biological differences between men
and women. For instance....

Women generally want connection and family: they define themselves by their

They have the nurturing instinct, the need to take care of others and maintain the
health and wellness of the people they care for.

Men, however, generally identify themselves by what they do: they want to be
providers, caretakers, protectors.

A man has a need to take care of the family and be the breadwinner. It is a
subconscious need -- most men are not even aware that they have this need or drive.

While men have many of these subconscious drives, there are at least five basic
needs that all men have deep within themselves; if any of these needs are not being
met, it will cause problems in your relationship.

The 5 Basic Needs that ALL Men Have...

What are these needs? They are:

1. Words of affirmation and praise.

2. A sense of being respected.

3. The feeling that he is being listened to and heard.

4. Physical touch. (This doesn't necessarily mean sex, but rather affection.)

5. Intimacy and bonding (yes, believe it or not!)

All you have to do is meet these five basic needs, and meet them consistently, to see
your relationship transformed right before your eyes.

Meeting these needs gives you a great deal of influence with your man -- he'll be
willing to do almost ANYTHING you ask, at the drop of a hat, because you have
suddenly become the source of most of the good feelings he's having about his life.

He may not even realize what's happening.

The best part is, this is "ethical influence" because you're meeting his most basic
psychological needs. Not wants, but needs. It's as if you are nourishing his soul.

And what do YOU get out of the deal? The man you want -- the man who adores you,
shows true affection towards you, and puts you ahead of everything else in his life.

Why? Because you make it easy to make him feel good about himself and his place
in the world (and especially in your relationship).

==> 3 More Tips On How to Get Your Man to Do What You Want...

Try it today, and see for yourself.

P.S. A man's brain and behavior can be tough to predict, but I've identified a set of
secret triggers, that when accessed, will wake him up so he's more interested in
what YOU are saying than in the darn remote control.

==> Secret Triggers That Activate Your Man's Love Circuitry...

By using a particular set of words and phrases - triggers that set off new patterns in
his brain - you will cause your man to automatically... see you... hear you...

... to listen without criticizing, and let you share your feelings without trying to "fix"
you. And the best part is that I figured out how to do this without trickery,
manipulation, begging, or drama.

That's all for now... Enjoy!

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