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Amy Waterman
co-author of Save My Marriage Today!


Time For Review : How Is Your Marriage?

Often, lasting change starts with simply being willing to change your perspective, having a look at real ways you can improve the way you relate to your partner, and putting aside your need to be right for the sake of a strong relationship.

If you would like to share how these ideas have impacted your marriage so far, simply call and leave a message for me at our special testimonials-only line at (619) 566-2030. Make sure to include your name and mention that it's for the Save My Marriage Today Newsletter Series (part of the Triple O Relationships Network).

You know, the thing with marriages is that every marriage is different, and there are so many factors that can impact on a marriage crisis. People, by nature, are complex individuals, and marriages are no different.

But in the midst of that crisis are a lot of parallels and similarities in marriage problems, and it is here that marriage counselors are able to draw on their experience in the field and help couples look at things from a different perspective.

And that's what makes the Save My Marriage Today package so successful. It looks at your marriage problem and focuses on the underlying issues that most marriage problems stem from.

Intimacy issues, imbalances in power, financial problems, differences in values and opinions, communication issues, and infidelity. It is issues like this that most marriage problems stem from and threaten to overwhelm couples that have never encountered this type of thing.

There is no prior training that couples go through to deal with such issues, so they blunder along the best way they know how.

The trouble is, they don't always get it right. And that is nobody's fault. But that's why you need to listen to what I have to say. Trust me when I say I have almost seen it all. I never assume that I know everything, as every couple I help teaches me something.

But in my time helping couples I have learnt an awful lot about what makes marriages work and what helps turn bad marriages around.

Sure, you are going to get some great tips reading my newsletter series, and I am happy for you to read them. Heck, that's what they are there for! But you also need to realize that your marriage may need much more than a newsletter can offer you.

If you are REALLY serious about saving your marriage, and REALLY serious about staying married to your husband or wife, then you are going to need to do better.

And that's where I can help you. You have only just begun to understand what it takes to turn your marriage around and bring it back to the point where you can freely express your feelings to your partner, and live the love that brought you together in the beginning.

But you don't fully know everything about what you need to be doing to maximize your chances of saving your marriage. There is just far too much to put in a newsletter.

If you are REALLY serious about saving your marriage, you need to give it your full attention, and your full effort. You need ALL the answers and ALL the techniques to rebuilding your marriage, and you need them NOW. This may be the difference in fixing a minor marriage problem before it becomes a major one.

This may be the difference between saving your marriage and becoming a divorce statistic.

Here's what some of my customers had to say after taking their marriage-saving mission to the next level:

"I have had your help less than 12 hours. I can say it has not only started me on the process to save my marriage, but also in my other relationships (mother, daughter, friend, collegue). By taking your advice, my husband has said the 1st nice thing to me in 3 months. You only get one chance, I checked you out on a review and they rated you highly. I needed help immediately and I got it. Thank you."
-- Julie Montgomery

"Thank you for responding soo quick, I must say that your book is an incredible source for anyone thats in a relationship, i've probably read it 2 times in the past week. Each time I read it I learn more and more. I like the chapter on the Love Bank, its a brilliant concept."
-- Steven Bryant (Virginia, USA)

"Thanks for your support,You were spot on with the unrealistic expectations (comparing my feelings for my husband with a past love -first love). I am now much more relaxed about my marriage - my husband and I are working through the exercises in the book and are finding it very valuable.I now am confident of a long lasting, successful marriage (even if there are challenges along the way).Thanks again - am recommending your website to my friends."
-- Mary-Ellen J (Australia)

Your marriage can be a success story too.

Not only is my Save My Marriage Today package going to give you the skills to save your marriage from the current crisis you are in, but it is also going to keep your marriage on the right track long into your future.

My customers send me messages all the time telling me how they have managed to turn their marriage around. And some of these marriages seemed like they were almost over. They decided to take control of the situation they were in and did something about it.

There is a lot more to learn, and you are only just at the beginning.

Take your marriage saving mission to the next level right now by ordering Save My Marriage Today right now, and put an end to the problems that are plaguing your marriage!

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Amy Waterman
co-author of Save My Marriage Today!


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We have a range of experience with a large variety of problems among the members of the Save My Marriage Today team and have managed to help many couples in crisis turnaround their patterns of negative behavior. We have a range of life-changing e-books, and also have a new e-book specifically written for couples in extreme crisis. We also keep our members informed with weekly posts containing thoughts on topical issues, book reviews, and gossip on our official SaveMyMarriageToday LIVE blog. We also offer free access to personal consultations from a member of the "Save My Marriage Today" team.

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