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Add Some Spice: Boredom Busters For Your Marriage

by Andrew Rusbatch
co-author of Save My Marriage Today

Has your life as a married couple hit the doldrums? Does it seem that each day is the same as the previous one and nothing exciting happens? With a little effort and some imagination you can turn that all around and put the fun back into your marriage.

Take your agenda book and start filling those little squares with cool things you can do with your spouse each day of the week. Why not start with the weekend. If Friday night finds you both tired after slogging at the office, make it Movie Night.

Choose something you'll both like, or take turns each time. Nuke some popcorn in the microwave, change your office duds for something more relaxing, sit back and enjoy! Be sure to use the movie as a springboard for some interesting discussion afterwards.

Saturday is a blank slate, waiting to be written on. The whole day stretches before you, full of promise and excitement. Why not schedule a trip to the beach or the countryside? Pack a picnic lunch, and take along a blanket and some cushions (for cuddling later).

You can even set off with no particular destination in mind, stopping wherever you please to take in the view, buy fruit at a roadside stand, shop for funky stuff at a country store--it's your day to spend together doing whatever you want to.

Sunday cries out for breakfast in bed: why not take turns making the breakfast? The cook's reward: a delicious backrub later. After breakfast you can turn your bathroom into a spa for two, complete with chunky pillar candles, scented soaps, soft music and plenty of bubbles, especially if you have a whirlpool tub.

And what about during the week, when you both might be working? Make a date to do something every day. Why not schedule a coffee date on Monday at your favorite java joint? Then you could pack a lunch on Tuesday and meet in the park for a picnic.

Wednesday why not send an email to your sweetie suggesting a romantic dinner for two after work at that little bistro you discovered? Thursday, send her flowers with a little note. After all, she's worth it.

See how fast the week went? How about planning a whole month of inexpensive, meaningful get-togethers so that every day together is special?

Sometimes the smallest things spawn something special.

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