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Viduka back for socceroos’ World Cup

Thursday, September 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

Viduka back for socceroos’ World Cup

The 33-year-old has played in Australia since 2011 and was at Sydney FC until 2017.

The national team have qualified for next year’s Confederations Cup and were awarded a place in the group stages of the 2017 Asian Cup.

Viduka started his career playing for the Australian U-23 national team.

“Viduka is a great example for the development of other youth players,” Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglou said.

“He’s one of the more experienced players to come through here but he has been very good on the training pitch.

“He’s very good on the ball??? ??? in front of goal and has really grown as a player and has shown incredible skill in front of goal.”


Viduka’s father ????Mark, a former striker for the Adelaide United of South Australia, also made one appearance for the club.

He also represented the Adelaide United of North Australia in the A-League.

Viduka has scored a career-high 30 goals and 16 assists in 120 appearances.


The 24-year-old signed ??? ???a one-year deal with the club on Tuesday, meaning he has one year left on his contract, which is likely to be worth around $600,000.

Brentford left-back Ben Youngs said Viduka’s success is a great endorsement of the club’s approach, while former City youngster Cameron Brannagan said Viduka’s arrival at the club was positive for the entire club.

“You’d have to be a fool not to think the way we’re building up here,” Brannagan said.

“It shows that you’ve got great ambition and belief in us as a club.

“There are not many clubs in the country with that, and you’d think, ‘What can you do here in Australia?’

“We’ve been playing there for quite a long time now, I think a lot of young players haven’t seen that yet, so we can’t wait to get them involved.”


The Reds said they had made three bids for Viduka and City had indicated its interest.

Viduka has two years remaining on his original deal with the club and he is understood to want a transfer fee close to City’s asking price.

The 26-year-ol

Kewell strikes back, throwing down a combination with Jones that sends the former WWE Champion sprawling

Thursday, September 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

Kewell strikes back, throwing down a combination with Jones that sends the former W???WE Champion sprawling. Back on the mat, Owens walks over to face off with Kane, but Owens manages to stand over Kane’s head and throw him to the floor. Kane throws up another triangle attempt on Owens, but it is denied. The two teams clash and Owens drops back to try a DDT, but it is quickly stopped by Kane.Kane attempts to work Kane over the top rope, but he comes up flat on his back and kicks out at Kane. They trade kicks until Owens grabs him and slams him back to the mat. With 15 seconds left, a double leg toss from Kane sets up an arm-triangle choke on Owens. With 7 seconds left ??? ?????????in the bout, Kane hits a double leg hook, but it’s blocked. Kofi comes into the ring with two minutes left and dives on a heel hook. With 3 seconds left and half of the time left in the bout, both wrestlers throw their opponents to the floor and put Kane on his back.Kane stands up and hits a knee into a clothesline. He runs over to Owens and throws him to the floor. Owens attempts a crucifix, but Kane rolls free, hits a splash to the floor, and tries another. Both men go straight for a DDT, but they’re denied when a high kick from Kane hits the side of Kane’s head. With 25 seconds left, Owens hits a DDT but is denied when an uppercut knocks it away.Kane comes in with 1:10 left and hits a triple hook as Owens tries to attack. The two teams come forward, with Kane getting a good leg to head lock and hitting a DDT on Owens. With 15 seconds left in the bout, it is Kane who has a knee. Owens goes to try a flying knee on the turnbuckle, but it gets away. Kofi looks to come in with a DDT, but Kane blocks and hits him with a reverse shoulderblock. With 15 seconds left in the bout, Owens gets a double team on Kane, but it’s blocked. With 20 seconds left in the bout, it is Owens who hits another double team on Kane, but Kane is back on top for some reason. A flying knee from Kofi lands high on Kane and puts him in a sleeper hold. Owens tries to escape his sleeper hold but Kane blocks and tries to put him back to the ground. With 20 seconds left in the bout, it is Owens who has an enzuigiri attempt


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