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Claustrophobic witness forces outdoor hearing for men, women are in line as witnesses of the atrocities perpetrated against the Rohingya

Thursday, September 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

Claustrophobic witness forces outdoor hearing for men, women are in line as witnesses of the atrocities perpetrated against the Rohingya

After Myanmar accused Rohingya of committing “ethnic cleansing,” the government of Burma began sending out tens of thousands of army soldiers to take over their villages, arresting any Rohingya who remained. The crackdown began June 27, when the Muslim Rohingya attacked police posts outside Rakhine state, killing nine members of a village guard, and another 21 policemen, according to UNICEF. By November 28, the police station was under Myanmar’s control, and the next day, the Rohingya were killed in a crackdown that claimed at least 1,500 lives. The UNICEF report, published in 2016, describes systematic abuses. “Some of the victims, who had to flee from their homes during the violent days, remain homeless and deprived of basic needs. Others are having to travel long distances to seek medical help,” it said. The United Nations, which has since been urged by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate allegations of violence against Rohingyas, has called for an immediate end to the violence in Rakhine. Last month, the U.N. Human Rights Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the government of Burma to end “any form of discrimination and to bring perpetrators of these acts to justice,” and urged the United Nations to help bring perpetrators of genocide to justice. In March, the Human Rights Council authorized Myanmar to send troops to help end the violence in the northern Rakhine state, following several days of negotiations over what actions, if any, the UN would demand Myanmar take. In March, Rakhine’s interim leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, visited Myanmar with the aid of U.N. human rights expert Robert Piper. Piper warned of a “gagging clause,” under which the government would not have to respond unless it believed that an investigation had been launched into any abuses against the Rohingya by their assailants. As the government announced that it would send hundreds of soldiers to the region, Piper urged Myanmar’s government to address the growing number of abuses. He also noted that his efforts to r???aise awareness on the issue were unlikely to be fully successful because of the secrecy surrounding the matter, which prevents the international community from fully understanding the scope of these abuses. At the U.N. headquar????? ????ters in Geneva last week, two U.N. officials said that the situation in Rakhine state had reached “humanitarian nightmare conditions.” The United Nations has asked the Burmese authorities for more money to help cover medical ??????costs for the victims of th

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